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Ryan  Baker

Ryan Baker

Estate and Succession Strategy Planning Specialist

My grandfather had a saying, “Make the main thing the main thing.” In most farming, ranching and dairy operations the main thing is production. There are a handful of reasons why this is the case, but the main one is to provide. To provide for family, for community, and to provide the opportunity for reward that is a direct result of hard honest work. Successful production ultimately provides a certain freedom, lifestyle and legacy. These things are seldom discussed but they are nearly always present just below the surface.

My job is to help you have the discussions that are critically important but not part of your everyday operation. I focus on opportunities to help you grow, preserve and ultimately transfer your legacy, operation, and real property. My job is to diligently prepare the groundwork so what happens to your operation is different than what happened to my family’s cattle and hay operations. My father was disinherited due to divorce, remarriage, and death with no planning in place. Had the proper planning been done I would be focused on hay and beef production honoring my great-grandfather’s legacy on his land. Instead, I have the opportunity to honor my family’s legacy in a different way: by helping others grow, preserve and protect their own family legacies. I am grateful for this opportunity.

I will humbly say that your work as a provider is not complete until we’ve discussed what is most important to you about your operation.

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